Following my stroke I decided to get back to making art.  However, I did not want to paint  right away because that had been my media of choice pre-stroke and, at that point I did not want to inflict a whole range of expectations upon myself.  Sculpting stone had long been something I wanted to try but had not.  Okay, so why not do it now?  No, the fact that I now had only one functional hand and arm had not escaped me, but later, much later I would wonder about the sanity of my choice to attack a piece of stone with a chisel in one hand and a mallet in the…well you know.…

The project then became HOW to sculpt stone with my new limitations.  My answer to that  challenge is pictured below.  I built myself a one-handed stone sculpting stand from salvaged and purchased parts, a dash of amateur mechanical engineering and a heap of creativity and ingenuity.  Patience certainly  played a big part in the process aswell.  In the end I met the challenge and, actually, had more fun and spent more time creating the solution than I did sculpting stone.  Life post-stroke sometimes feels like its all about the challenge anyway!

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